Obama’s Thanksgiving ruined by White House lockdown

November 26, 2015  

As US President Barack Obama celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday, a person jumped the newly upgraded fence, sending the site into lockdown.

The jumper managed to get over the fence but was immediately caught, reports CNN. However, the lockdown was maintained temporarily by the Secret Service to allow a security sweep, reports ABC News.

The incident happened on the North Lawn of the White House, which features the front side of the building on Pennsylvania Avenue. The man reportedly wore an American flag and carried a manila folder.

Ironically the Secret Service had just recently upgraded security at the White House, making the fence harder to jump.

Sharp metal spikes were added to the fence in June, after an Army veteran pleaded guilty to hopping the fence with a folding knife last year.

Just last Thursday, Islamic State (ISIS) threatened to attack the White House. Those threats come as the West is in high alert over potential ISIS strikes, after the group recently murdered 130 victims in Paris in a series of six coordinated attacks.

The White House has frequently been targeted by those seeking to breach its walls or leave suspicious packages.

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