Obama Issues Hannukah Greetings

December 20, 2011  

US President Barack Obama issued his well-wishes to world Jewry on Tuesday to mark the occasion of the lighting of the first Hannukah light in 2011.

“Michelle and I send our warmest wishes to all those celebrating Hanukkah around the world,” the White House statement said.

“This Hanukkah season we remember the powerful story of a band of believers who rose up and freed their people, only to discover that the oil left in their desecrated temple — which should have been enough for only one night — ended up lasting for eight.

“It’s a timeless story of right over might and faith over doubt — one that has given hope to Jewish people everywhere for over 2,000 years.

“And tonight, as families and friends come together to light the menorah, it is a story that reminds us to count our blessings, to honor the sacrifices of our ancestors, and to believe that through faith and determination, we can work together to build a brighter, better world for generations to come.

“From our family to the Jewish Community around the world, Chag Sameach.”

Early this month – on December 8 – Obama set the Jewish blogsphere alight when he jumped the gun and lit all eight candles at once.

Jackie Mason, one of Obama’s most vocal Jewish critics, told Aaron Klein Investigative Radio on WABC in New York on Monday, “You want me to tell you the truth? I don’t think he cares, or knows or remembers which Hanukkah it is, or what Hanukkah means.”

“Obama, along with Vice President Joe Biden and several guests, celebrated Hanukkah at the White House on Dec 8, reportedly so that it wouldn’t interfere with the First Family’s Hawaiian vacation plans,” Mason added.

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