NYC Cabbie Tells Jewish Passenger ‘All Jews Must Die’

February 24, 2015  

Another anti-Semitic cab driver has been unearthed in the Big Apple, the New York Daily News reported Tuesday, after one cabbie told a 51 year-old Jewish woman that “all Jews must die.” 

On Sunday morning, Jewish news columnist Baila Sebrow hailed a cab from Manhattan’s Carlton Hotel – but when she entered the cab, she was instantly asked whether she was Jewish.

After answering in the affirmative, Sebrow was told that “all Jews must die,” and the driver then began driving “really fast” – so much so that she was afraid he would total the car, she stated. 

Sebrow, terrified, demanded to be brought back to her hotel, only for the driver to also demand that she pay the full fare. The driver also left the meter on during the entire exchange and the argument that ensued afterwards over his behavior, she alleged – turning a $5 cab ride into a $30 nightmare. 

He then “continued to yell wildly about ‘death to Jews’ while making a gun gesture towards Sebrow with his fingers,” according to a lawsuit Sebrow’s attorney, Robert Tolchin, filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court Monday night. 

Sebrow later called 9-1-1, but was told merely to pay the driver and issue a complaint with the Taxi Limousine Commission, she said. An NYPD police spokesman noted that an officer had replied to the complaint at the scene, but deemed Sebrow “combative” in interactions with police.

This is not the first time an anti-Semitic cab driver has made headlines. In May 2014, a 27 year-old Dominican cab driver, also in NYC, was banned after he insisted on wearing a Nazi armband during his work hours. 

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