North Korea Flouts UN Sanctions by Arming Angola

June 12, 2015  

Alongside its breaches of UN sanctions in sending nuclear-capable rocket parts to Iran, North Korea has also been apparently violating the sanctions by sending weapons and military training to Angola in Africa.

Asian diplomatic sources were cited by the Washington Free Beacon on Friday making the revelation, and divulging that the North Korean company Saengpil Associated Co. is using various smuggling schemes to transport engines and parts for 18 North Korean patrol boats provided since 2011.

The news site detailed that Saengpil is part of the regime state’s Green Pine Associated Corp., which was previously sanctioned by the UN. Both companies are part of the Reconnaissance General Bureau, North Korea’s secret intelligence organization.

Aside from military ship parts, North Korea is also reportedly dispatching military trainers bringing weapons and expertise to aid Angolan presidential guards. It was recently disclosed that the military advisers leave for Angola in March and return to North Korea in December. 

There are reportedly 40 North Korean trainers in the Luanda region, with ten in the Futungo area giving martial arts and firearms training, and 30 others providing firearms training in the Benfica area.

“Based on these cases, North Korea’s support for military training in Angola can be considered illicit activity,” one diplomat told the Washington Free Beacon.

The UN Panel of Experts on North Korea published their most recent report in February, and ruled that a similar North Korean training program for Uganda violated the 2009 sanctions on “exporting technical training, advice, services, or assistance related to the provision, manufacture, maintenance, or use of all arms or materiel.”

In 2009 the UN imposed the sanctions following an underground nuclear test held by North Korea, which according to China has 20 nuclear weapons and is ready to double that figure by next year.

The administration of US President Barack Obama has taken no action to respond to the violations, and State Department and UN sources contacted by the Washington Free Beacon refused to comment.

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