Noa Tishby in Los Angeles Supporting Israel

November 20, 2012  

Actress Noa Tishby, who has been active in Israel’s PR campaign in recent years, attended a pro-Israel rally outside the Federal Building in Los Angeles on Sunday and delivered a speech explaining the Israeli policy in Gaza and offering encouragement to Israeli citizens targeted by Palestinian missiles.

Tishby told the audience that Israel wanted to end the conflict and that no other country would allow its citizens to live under a constant threat. She added that she hoped the world would begin to understand what Israel was dealing with.

The rally, which was attended by some 5,000 people, including Israeli businessman Haim Saban, was organized by two pro-Israel organizations: ILC and StandWithUs.

Protestors held signs reading, “We stand by Israel,” called on the United Nations to stop its hypocritical treatment of Israel and called for an end to terror.

Tishby raised a sign reading, “Israel wants peace,” and gave interviews to different television stations covering the rally.

The pro-Israel protestors were faced by a small number of pro-Palestinian activists.

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