No end to the atrocities: ISIS jihadi executes his mother

January 23, 2016  

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), an opposition organization in Syria, reports that a Syrian woman was publicly executed by her son after she attempted to have him quit ISIS.

The execution took place before hundreds of citizens outside the post office of the city of Al-Raqqah earlier this month.

According to SOHR, several sources confirmed that she was executed under the pretext of “inciting her son to leave the Islamic state and escaping together to the outside of Al-Raqqah.” She also warned him that the anti-ISIS “coalition will kill all members of [ISIS].”

Her son, aged 20, reported her to ISIS leaders, who in turn ordered her arrest, after which the son carried out the execution. It was not reported how the execution was carried out.

Fighting in Syria continues relentlessly, as the death toll continues to mount. In the Der-Ezor province in northeastern Syria, where 150 soldiers were killed and another 48 were executed in recent days, six civilians – including three children and their parents – were killed by an aerial bombardment on Thursday. 110 ISIS terrorists have been killed in the area over the past week, including 30 who blew themselves up in suicide attacks.  This is the area where ISIS released this week 270 captives, out of the 400 they had kidnapped.

SOHR reports that the 270 were either younger than 14 years old, older than 55, or women. ISIS plans to investigate the others, and “enroll” whoever had been dealing with Syrian regime forces in a Sharia [fundamental Islamic law] course. 

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