Next Stage in Egypt: Support for Terror

November 27, 2011  

The Muslim Brotherhood, which is poised to win the first stage of elections in Egypt Monday, is already planning for the day after the elections – and the plan does not look good, from an Israeli perspective. The organization intends to cause Egypt to adopt an anti-American line and to support the Palestinian Authority (PA) in its terrorist war against Israel, according to Arutz Sheva Arab affairs expert Dalit Halevy.

Dr. Abdel Rahman al-Bar, Dean of the Faculty of the Basic Tenets of Religion at Al Mansoura University and a Muslim Brotherhood leader, has said that the first goal of the movement is to formulate a constitution for Egypt. After that, the emphasis in internal affairs will be in the fields of education, culture and the economy, as well as strengthening religious values among the younger generation.

In the diplomatic plane, al-Bar defines Israel as the major enemy, and says the struggle against it must be assisted. He defines the goals as: “Struggle against the Zionist-American plan that seeks to divide the Muslim Ummah, to break it up into states, to encourage ethnic clashes and faith-based ones in the Arab lands and especially Egypt, support for resistance to the Zionists in Palestine and elsewhere, and assistance to plans for cooperation and unity between the Arab and Muslim countries in order to combat the plan to westernize the Ummah and place it under the foreign hegemony, which the international system and the forces of arrogance in the world seek to force upon our region.”

The Muslim Brotherhood party’s platform defines the “Palestinian problem” as “the most serious problem in terms of Egypt’s national security” because “the Zionist entity is racist, seeks to build settlements and expand, is aggressive, possesses weapons of mass destruction, has caused many wars in the region, influenced the geographical, political, social and economic situation and torpedoed plans for development.”

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