New Technology Turns Any Mirror Into a 3D Display

Arutz Sheva attended Microsoft Israel RD Center’s fourth annual Think Next 2012 conference in Tel Aviv and met the (Innovation Labs) iLabs team, which has developed a new technology.

The technology, called Alice, creates a compelling and interactive three-dimensional effect using a screen and a Kinect camera.

According to Rotem Bennet of Innovation Labs, the technology allows for any mirror to become a three-dimensional display.

The technology can be used for window shopping, he added, since any window has some reflective material.

“Through the reflective material you can project the virtual world so that the client can interact with what’s going on inside the store and have the possibility of entering the store and browsing,” said Bennet. “We’re surrounded by reflective objects, so any reflective object can be used to insert these holographic virtual objects.


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