New Flying Crawling Quadcopter Robot From Israel

May 22, 2019  

Flying STAR is a Hybrid Crawling and Flying Sprawl Robot called FSTAR. It is a robot fitted with a sprawling mechanism and has wheels and propellers which allows it to both run and fly using the same motors. The current prototype can fly at 15m/s and run on the ground at 2.6 m/s.

The combined capabilities of FSTAR consists of flying over obstacles, running underneath them and moving inside pipes. The robot can reduce its width to crawl in confined spaces or underneath obstacles while touching the ground. The robot can be used for safe package deliveries, search and rescue applications manufacturing chains, agriculture, maintenance, cleaning, filming and entertainment. The robot was developed in the Bio-Inspired and medical Robotics Lab at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev (ME department).

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