New campaign targets ‘foreign agents in culture’

January 27, 2016  

“Numerous cultural councils, film funds, directors, actors, scriptwriters, playwrights and other ‘people of letters’ behave like a political junta, which does all it can to preserve its power and influence,” the organization said.

“Whenever elected officials try to carry out the duty that the people tasked them with, in the most democratic and legitimate fashion, we encounter a campaign of vilification by the ‘people of culture.’

“One day it is [writer] Amos Oz, another day it is [actress] Gila Almagor or [writer] David Grossman.  In the current round against the Culture Minister, it is [playwright] Yehoshua Sobol who stands at the forefront.

“The problem is that the same people neglect to mention the fact that they are members in organizations that are foreign implants, which are funded by foreign governments and the New Israel Fund.

“Sobol is a member of Yesh Din’s board. Oz, Grossman, and [writer] A.B. Yehoshua are members of B’Tselem’s board. [Musician] Sha’anan Street is a member of the board of the New Israel Fund, a US corporation.”

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