Netanyahu: We Won’t Allow Sophisticated Weapons to Hizbullah

July 25, 2013  

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu visited the IDF induction center at Tel Hashomer Thursday morning and met with Paratroop Brigade recruits. He told the recruits: “This is your country and you must defend it and our ability to return fire and overcome our enemies. I rely on you to carry out any mission that we will assign to you. We are the shield of our country and thus it will continue. We do not have another country and we will continue to strengthen our forces. We will never rest on our laurels; we must always be ready to be victorious in war. The IDF will add, and is adding, to its capabilities in order to strengthen our ability to be decisive on the battlefield. You are our shield and your shield is your comrades. Maintain unity so that you will be able to do your maximum.”

Netanyahu added: “I remember this day like it was yesterday. I was right here and I received my uniform. It was exciting then and it is exciting now. Time passes quickly. It feels the same today as it did then. This is the same country. The enemies are different but in the end it is the IDF that fights and maintains both our ability to fight and the existence of the State of Israel and its future. I salute you.”

The prime minister answered a question from a soldier who asked about his Syrian policy: “We have a clear policy. We will not allow sophisticated and dangerous weapons to go from Syria to Hizbullah. This is a red line that we will uphold; the world knows that we are serious.”

Regarding Iran’s progress toward a nuclear weapon, Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “Iran has still not crossed the red line and it must not have nuclear weapons.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu toured part of the base with GOC Personnel Maj.-Gen. Orna Barbivai, who presented him with his picture and that of his late brother Yonatan from the day they were inducted.

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