Netanyahu Warns World Over Iran Aggression

February 16, 2014  

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu opened his weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday with more words of warning to the West over Iran. 

“The major powers’ talks with Iran will resume this week. Until now, it must be said, it is Iran which has gained without giving anything significant,” he began. “It has received a major easing of sanctions and the Iranian economy is already responding appropriately. Iran is also continuing its aggressive policy both inside Iran and outside Iran.”

“Inside Iran, it is executing innocent people,” Netanyahu continued. “Outside Iran, it supports the continued killings by the Syrian regime, which would be unable to act without it, without its support.”

“Iran is also continuing to arm terrorist organizations with advanced, deadly weapons and, of course, it is continuing to call for the destruction of the State of Israel. At the same time, Iran is continuing with advanced research and development of centrifuges. Iran is not prepared to concede even one centrifuge.”

“Israel’s policy is clear and is active on two tracks: First, to expose Iran’s unchanging aggressive policy. Second, to demand the dismantling of Iran’s enrichment capacity,” the Prime Minister reiterated. “Iran does not need any centrifuges for nuclear power for civilian purposes.” 

On Tuesday, Iran’s atomic chief Ali Akbar Salehi announced that new centrifuges were being developed that are 15 times more powerful than what Iran currently uses for its uranium enrichment. 

Salehi insisted that the development was not in violation of a November 24 agreement between Iran and six world powers that has imposed curbs on Tehran’s nuclear drive and states that Iran cannot increase its number of centrifuges. 

Iran currently has nearly 19,000 centrifuges, including 10,000 of the so-called first generation being used to enrich uranium. Some 1,000 second generation machines, three to five times more powerful, have been installed but are not in service.

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