Netanyahu Warns: West Conceding Too Much to Iran

June 25, 2015  

Iran is Israel’s top security threat, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated Thursday, at the graduation ceremony for new Israeli Air Force (IAF) pilots. 

“The top threat that endangers our security is Iran’s effort to arm itself with nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu began. 

“In general, as the deadline set by world powers for Iran to achieve its objectives approaches, they are increasing concessions to Iran,” he noted. “These concessions increase Iran’s appetite, and every day, they come and further raise their requirements in order to squeeze more concessions from them.”

“In recent days, Iran’s ruler, [Ayatollah Ali] Khamenei negated even the most basic conditions formulated in the bad deal sealed in Lausanne – [and has demanded to have] no limitations on the nuclear program planned over the next decade; not to condition the removal of sanctions on Iran acquiescing to the agreement; and no supervision on military sites.”

“Even if Iran gives up these demands for concessions over the next few days, the basic concessions made by world powers would be enormous and would be a significant retreat on the ‘red lines’ proposed to the public.”

“This agreement is fundamentally flawed, leaving the path to achieving Iran’s arsenal of nuclear bombs within a decade,” he continued. “It allows [Iran] to break into being a nuclear power earlier by breaking supervision agreements.”

“It gives it tens of billions of dollars instantly, through which Iran will increase its subversive activities, its conquests and its terror against Israel, the Middle East and beyond.”

“[The West] could still come to their senses,” he urged. “It’s still not too late to insist on a good agreement, and certainly not too late not to promote a bad agreement.”

“I repeat it now: no agreement is better than a bad agreement,” he warned. “In any case, whatever may happen, Israel will always protect itself, and the IAF is a big part of that.” 

The talks stand ahead of a June 30 deadline but could go past that timeframe as Iran continues to refuse to allow inspectors in to covert military sites thought to be used in developing nuclear weapons.

Secret documents leaked Wednesday revealed that several powers, including Britain, the US, France, and China, have conceded to give Iran state-of-the-art nuclear equipment and help build its nuclear facilities. 

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