Netanyahu: This is the same terror as in France

November 19, 2015  

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had little more than verbiage to offer his traumatized citizenry Thursday after four Jews and an Arab were murdered in terror attacks in Tel Aviv and the Gush Etzion Bloc.

“Murderous terror struck today in the Etzion Bloc and Tel Aviv,” Netanyahu stated. “My heart is with the families of the murder victims, and I wish the wounded a complete recovery. Behind these murders stands radical Islam, which seeks to destroy us. The same radical Islam that struck Paris and threatens Europe.”

“Whoever condemns the terror attacks in France must condemn the terror attacks in Israel,” he added. “It’s the same terror. Whoever does not do so is behaving with hypocrisy and blindness.”

Netanyahu said that the security establishment has been able, through a determined effort, to foil much worse attacks.

“Almost all of the terrorists who hurt us in this terror wave have been killed or arrested. There is no immunity for terrorists. We will reckon with them; we will exact a price from their families, we will destroy their homes and rescind their residency. The rule I set is to destroy the home of every terrorist and surround every place from which terror emanates.”

“This struggle did not start yesterday and it will not end tomorrow,” he stressed. “We have been fighting terror for 100 years and the struggle will go on with determination. Control of the land, continued arrests and action by undercover units, massive troop buildup, entering the villages and communities, demolition of terrorist homes and breaking up terror infrastructures.”

“I will not hesitate to advance any effective step for Israel’s security,” he added. “Whoever does not learn the lesson in the face of the power we are currently deploying, will pay a heavier price.”

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