‘Netanyahu promised to make me Shin Bet head’

June 6, 2016  

Police commissioner Roni Alsheich revealed in a closed conversation just after he was appointed to his post that Prime Minister Binyamin Neatnyahu had promised to name him as the next Israeli Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet) director in the future.

Journalist Raviv Drucker exposed on Channel 10 on Monday night that in convincing Alsheich to take over the police, Netanyahu promised to later appoint him as ISA head if he was still serving as Prime Minister.

A source close to Alsheich testified that in previous conversations Alsheich was not convinced into taking the role of police commissioner, but the talk in which Netanyahu promised to later make him ISA head led him to decide to step down as deputy director of the ISA and take up the reins of the police.

The Israel police issued a statement in response to the report, saying, “the police commissioner had heavy pressure exerted on him and attempts to convince him through a variety of channels so as to accept the position.”

“With the decision to receive the position, the police commissioner clarified so as to remove all possible doubt, both to the Internal Security Minister and to the Prime Minister, that his receiving the post came from a moral and inner place.”

“The only obligation that was left as a condition was the promise to back up appropriate budgets for the goals. If anyone views themselves as obligated to any sort of proposal that was said, whether under authority or not, the police commissioner releases them of all obligations. The police commissioner is focused on his mission. This is not a stopover or a transit station.”

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