Netanyahu Pledges: Jerusalem Will Never be Divided Again

May 18, 2015  

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday evening participated in the Jerusalem Day celebration at the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva, declaring that Jerusalem will be forever united.

Referring to recent terror incidents in Jerusalem, Netanyahu stated, “We are determined to pursue the terrorists and confront all our enemies like a fortified wall, like the walls of Jerusalem.”

“At the same time,” continued Netanyahu, “we have another eternal answer to terrorism – we will continue to develop the city, to build it, to make it a superpower in education and science, the center of the Torah. I pledge that as Prime Minister I will continue to develop the city. The city was united, and will never be divided again.”

Earlier Sunday, Netanyahu spoke at the official Jerusalem Day ceremony marking 48 years since the unification of Jerusalem at Ammunition Hill National Memorial Site in the city.

“Islamic fanaticism threatens Jerusalem, the Middle East and the entire world: Sunni fanaticism, such as that of Islamic State, and the Shi’ite extremists led by the Ayatollahs in Tehran,” said Netanyahu.

“Extremist Sunni and Shiites are fighting each other but they have a common enemy – the West and the culture of freedom and progress that it represents. Only last night, after vigorous action by the US against the terrorism of Islamic State, the leader of Iran, Khamenei, attacked the U.S. and said: It is the United States, so said the man who is heading the negotiations between Iran and the major powers, that is causing and supports terrorism,” he continued.

“These words were said when Iran still does not have nuclear weapons and it is still not too late to go back on the plan to give Iran a deal that would pave for it a certain path to nuclear weapons. We oppose this deal and we are not the only ones who do so. It is both necessary and possible to achieve a better deal because extremists cannot be allowed to achieve their aims, not in Iran, not in Yemen and not in Jerusalem.”

As Israelis celebrated Jerusalem Day, Arabs rioted at Shechem Gate earlier Sunday afternoon, hurling rocks and bottles and lightly injuring two policemen. Two rioters were arrested.

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