Netanyahu Pays Condolence Visit to Teens’ Families



Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu visited the homes of the three murdered Israeli teens Naftali Frenkel, Eyal Yifrah and Gilad Sha’ar on Sunday; the three were abducted and murdered by Hamas terrorists on June 12.

While there with his wife Sarah, Netanyahu gave the Sha’ar, Yifrah and Frenkel families the book “Yoni’s Letters,” a collection of letters from his brother Yonatan Netanyahu who was killed in the July 4, 1976 Entebbe rescue operation.

Netanyahu, who on July 4 attended an annual memorial for Yonatan, related to the families how he has dealt with the loss of his brother.

In the copy of the book given to the Yifrah family, Netanyahu wrote in dedication “to the noble Yifrah family which is dear to us and all the people of Israel, we join in your deep grief on the death of the unforgettable Eyal, may his memory be blessed.”

The dedication also emphasized that the boys’ deaths were not in vain, quoting a famously Talmudic passage which says the Land of Israel is acquired through the sacrifice of the people of Israel.

“The land of Israel is obtained through hardships. May you find relief and comfort from your hardships. With you from the depths of our hearts, Sarah, Yair, Avner and Binyamin,” concluded the dedication.

At Nof Ayalon, the hometown of Naftali Frenkel, prime minister heard from the 16-year-old’s parents about his musical talents playing the guitar and singing Shabbat songs.

Netanyahu told the Frenkel family “in the long war against our enemies we need first of all to know the truth about the Jewish people, and afterwards to struggle and fight for that truth.”

Netanyahu capped off his visits on Sunday with a visit to the Sha’ar family in Talmon.

While in Nof Ayalon, Netanyahu made public statements about the security situation, calling on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to find the murderers of the three teens just as Israel has made efforts to find the murderers of Mohammed Abu Khder, the Arab teen who was murdered last Wednesday.

Six suspects, identified as “Jewish extremists”, were arrested over suspected involvement in the murder on Sunday, with police saying one of them reportedly “connected them” to the murder. However, the lawyers of the six counter that police are in fact having difficulty connecting them with the crime.


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