Netanyahu: No one will remove us from our land

June 5, 2016  

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday night spoke at the Jerusalem Day celebration at the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem, where he vowed that Jews would never be removed from their land.

“The love of Jerusalem unites all of us as one man with one heart. I remember the divided city of Jerusalem with the Jordanians on the fence. That will not come back. Jerusalem will remain whole,” he said.

Netanyahu recalled how, after the Six Day War, tens of thousands of people came and touched the stones of the Western Wall.

“We connected to generations of 4,000 years. We stood there excited and committed to keeping Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and the Western Wall,” he said, before promising to keep Jerusalem united and build in it.

“Until Jerusalem returned to Israeli sovereignty there was no peace. We are looking for peace, I look for peace. I do not oust people from their homes and no one will rob us of our land,” stressed the Prime Minister.

He encouraged Jews from around the world to come to Israel, saying, “The real place for every Jew is the State of Israel. The lights are on here at Mercaz Harav every night and there is tremendous diligence. I read the Torah with my sons and I draw the strength to maintain the present and guarantee the future.”

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