Netanyahu Links Global Anti-Semitism, PA Incitement

May 18, 2014  

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu opened his weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday by addressing disturbing statistics from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which published a survey last week proving that over 25% of the world’s population holds anti-Semitic views. 

“This is the result of the Palestinian Authority’s endless incitement against Israel and attempts to distort Israel’s image and the character of the Jewish people, as we know from past experience,” Netanyahu said. 

Earlier this year, the Israeli government only released its annual “Palestinian Incitement Index“, which showed that incitement against Israel and the Jewish people is continuing on official media channels including – inter alia – by bodies that are very close to the PA Chairman and in educational and religious networks.

Such incitement ranges from the glorification of Nazism and the lionization of Adolf Hitler, to programs on official PA television featuring heavily-stereotyped Jews as villains (and encouraging violence against them), and various TV and radio shows which literally wipe the Jewish state off the map.

Nakba Day and anti-peace

The prime minister also addressed “Nakba Day,” the anti-Israel hate-fest Palestinian Arabs celebrated Thursday. 

“The PA defines the existence and the creation of Israel as a catastrophe,” Netanyahu said. “Those who see the creation of Israel as a catastrophe do not want peace.”

Netanyahu’s comments reiterate statements he made during this year’s “Nakba Day” events, whereby he insisted that his initiative to enshrine Israel as the “nation-state of the Jewish people” as part of the country’s Basic Law is the antidote to the anti-Zionist movement.

“Not far from here,” he said, “the Palestinian Authority is marking what they call Nakba Day. They stand in silence to mark the catastrophe of the establishment of Israel, the state of the Jewish nation. They educate their children in endless propaganda, that they must cause the disappearance of the state of Israel.

“We have many answers to this,” Netanyahu promised. “The first is that we continue to build our state and our united capital of Jerusalem, and we will also give an additional answer to the Nakba – we will pass the ‘Jewish Nation-State Bill’ that makes clear to the entire world that Israel is the state of the Jewish people.”

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