Netanyahu: I’ll Keep Trying to Widen Government

May 11, 2015  

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu declared at the Likud faction meeting Monday that he will continue to try and widen the government, which currently rests upon a one-seat majority, with 61 MKs out of 120.

He noted that while the current coalition is smaller than the previous one, Likud’s part in it is larger. “In the next government we will have central roles in running the country,” he said.

“I have a complicated mission – to distribute the portfolios among so many excellent people,” Netanyahu added.

The goals of the next government will be “to advance the diplomatic process, to continue to guarantee the market’s growth, and – an important mission that we committed to is to bring down the prices of housing and the price of living,” he said. “We will do all this for all the citizens of Israel, including those who did not vote for us.”

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