Netanyahu Goes After Nazi Incitement

August 12, 2015  

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is making plans to take legal action against an online agitator posting images and videos of Israeli leaders and judicial officials dressed in SS Nazi uniforms. 

In private conversations on the topic held Wednesday, Netanyahu said he will consider taking legal measures against the person(s) disseminating the incendiary images and clips. 

So far, President Reuven Rivlin, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Miriam Naor, and the Prime Minister himself, have been targeted by the poster who calls himself “Ashriko from Facebook.” 

The latest incitement video published on YouTube Wednesday depicts Justice Naor dressed in a Nazi uniform and “speaking” in German. 

“Hello citizens of the concentration camp of Israel,” Naor says in the video. “Elections in the camp are only a performance. We, of the High Court, are really in control.” 

“The concentration camp of Israel is dominated by the dictatorial High Court and you should get used it. No matter how many times you vote for Bibi, we will always decide things.”

“Our goal is to make Israel and to erase its Jewish identity once and for all. Finally I salute: heil High Court, heil High Court. Long live the dictatorship of the High Court in the concentration camp of Israel,” the video’s Naor concluded. 

Earlier this month, the Attorney General’s Office confirmed it had opened a criminal investigation against those responsible for posting images of Netanyahu and RIvlin made up to look like Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. 

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