Netanyahu Decries Meretz ‘Settlement Labeling’ Bill

June 8, 2015  

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu opened a Likud party meeting on Monday by discussing the BDS boycott movement against Israel, and noting that the threat of economic attack lies not only from without but also from within the Jewish state.

“I was surprised to discover that one of the parties in Israel submitted a bill to mark products,” said Netanyahu, referencing a bill submitted by the radical leftist Meretz party last month.

The bill would have the state of Israel place labels identifying which products originate from Judea and Samaria, singling out goods in much the same way the BDS movement has pressed to do in Europe and elsewhere abroad.

Many have noted that the move to boycott “settlement” products not only is a form of discrimination – and is misguided since Israel’s presence in the region is legal according to international law – but is also misguided, as it harms the many Arab employees of companies in the region.

Netanyahu called on Meretz to pull the bill; all Meretz MKs are signed onto the billed, according to which an amendment would be added to the customer protection law obligating producers to mark “the city or town in which the product was made.”

Speaking about the international BDS movement against Israel, the prime minister said, “the state of Israel is in a struggle against the attempt to boycott it on the international arena.”

“There is opposition from the right and the left, and an effort to act against the boycotts,” said the prime minister, striking the effort from within Israel to strengthen the boycott movement in even sharper relief by contrasting it with the unified push to defend Israel’s economic interests.

Delving into the motivation for those boycotting Israel, Netanyahu stated that they oppose the very existence of the Jewish state and the right of the IDF to defend the state.

He also made mention of recent legislative action in the US to try and illegalize the discriminatory boycotting, noting the legal steps “aid our international effort.”

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