Nazi POW Camp Slated to Become Tourist Trap

June 10, 2015  

A Nazi prisoner-of-war camp in Scotland is due to become a tourist attraction, British media reported Wednesday, if a development company can greenlight the plan. 

The Cultybraggan Camp in Perthshire, Scotland is infamous for holding the worst Nazis, including Rudolf Hess.

According to the Telegraph, the bunkers will now be transformed into modern sleeping space which preserve the 40’s-era feel – and will be marketed as a way for tourists to sleep where infamous Nazis slept. 

The project has already been given a tentative grant from the Historic Scotland foundation to the tune of £257,50 ($399,333); it is being hailed as a means of preserving the camp’s history while also boosting the local economy. 

The camp, also known as POW camp no. 21, became an Army training camp in 1949, and a Cold War monitoring post in 1960; it is also the frequent site of dramatic World War II re-enactments. 

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