Nationalists Demonstrate in Tel Aviv Against Infiltrators

December 11, 2011  

Activists for Neighborhood Watch, a group of nationalists headed by MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) and the chairman of the Our Land of Israel movement, Baruch Marzel, held a demonstration on Sunday evening at the Levinsky Park in Tel Aviv.

The group was demonstrating against the massive infiltration of immigrants from Sudan. The infiltrators enter through the non-hermetically sealed border with Egypt, some falsely claiming refugee status although that is not the case. Many of them end up residing in the central bus station in Tel Aviv. The area looks surrealistically like an African country, in terms of population, stores and atmosphere.

During Sunday evening’s demonstration, the nationalists called on the infiltrators to “return to Sudan,” while a large group of Sudanese immigrants and leftists called them “racist” in return.

The demonstration came after earlier on Sunday, the Cabinet unanimously approved a government program to deal with the illegal immigrants, whose numbers have reached tens of thousands and present a clear and present danger to a Jewish majority in the country.

“I intend to travel to Africa later to discuss and advance procedures for returning them to Africa. In any case, this is unjustified…. These are very important steps to ensure the future of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state,” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the Cabinet during the meeting. 

During the demonstration, MK Ben-Ari said that Netanyahu woke up too late and is directly responsible for the flood of illegal African infiltrators. Ben-Ari added that Netanyahu is strong words but week in deeds.

Marzel added that he and the other members of the group will continue to operate for the safety of the residents of southern Tel Aviv.

“Netanyahu and [Tel Aviv Mayor Ron] Huldai must provide a solution to the old woman who is afraid of crossing the street or the mother who is afraid to send her sons to play outside,” he said.


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