Nasrallah: Fences Won’t Ensure Israel’s Existence

May 25, 2012  

Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened Israel on Friday, saying the Jewish State is hiding behind walls and fences and that these cannot ensure its future existence.

Nasrallah made the comments during a video speech which was broadcast during a rally in the Lebanese town of Bint Jbeil, marking 12 years since Israel withdrew its troops from Lebanon.

“The Israelis withdrew from southern Lebanon, began to build a fence in the West Bank, and now they are talking about building a fence along the border with Egypt or building a fence along the border with Jordan,” Channel 2 News quoted Nasrallah as having said in the speech, which was recorded from his hiding place.

“If so, the vision of the full land of Israel has come to an end,” he added. The vision of a state stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates has come to an end.”

“They found refuge by enclosing themselves within fences. But the fences will never be able to protect them, and will never ensure their existence,” Nasrallah threatened.

Just two weeks ago, Nasrallah threatened to strike multiple targets in Israel, including Tel Aviv.

“We are capable of not only hitting specific targets in Tel Aviv but also any place in occupied Palestine,” he said. “The era has come when we survive while they will be doomed to extinction. For every building that is destroyed in the southern suburbs, several buildings will be destroyed in Tel Aviv in return.”

He said that “The era when our homes get destroyed and theirs remain [intact] is over.”

Recently uploaded satellite images to Google Earth reveal what appears to be a Hizbullah terror training ground constructed after the 2006 Lebanon War.

According to military analysts, the facility near Janta in the Bekaa Vaalley includes a suspected driver training course, a 100-meter firing range, and a possible urban terrain assault course.

The Google Earth images also reveal considerable overt construction activity in sealed-off Hizbullah security pockets in southern Lebanon, particularly in the hills south of Jezzine.

Reports in the Lebanese media a few weeks ago said Israeli war planes staged mocked raids over Lebanon, following concerns Hizbullah might attack Israel if asked by Iran. Israel has not commented.

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