Nabbed Jerusalem Terrorist Took Advantage of Israeli Citizenship

April 30, 2014  

The Israel Security Agency (ISA, or Shin Bet) and the IDF arrested a Hamas terror cell in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Kalkiliya; permission to publish the story was granted on Wednesday.

In investigations of the cell members, it became clear that the terror cell created improvised explosives, and planned attacks involving shooting and detonating explosives at Israeli targets.

Those arrested, including one Israeli citizen who lives occasionally in Kalkilya and occasionally in the Israeli town of Kafr Bara, are as follows:

Halad Jamal Mahmoud Daud, 21 years old, citizen of Israel.

Ibd Alhak Yussef Shareem Hadraj, 23.

Ibd Alrahman Mazen Yussef Shareem Hadraj, 23, the brother of Ibd Alhak.

Namar Mahmad Namar Atta, 24 years old.

Halad Bahri Ibrahim Abu Amra, 37 years old.

Uvi Ibd Alrahman Hasham Tzalah, 24 years old.

Tzalah Mustaffa Assad Daud, 30 years old, a well-known Hamas activist in Kalkilya.

The key to operations – Israeli citizenship

In security service investigations, evidence was uncovered showing that the members of the cell had established the group to attack Israeli targets with guns and explosives.

The cell created improvised explosives out of agricultural fertilizers, conducted experiments on their explosives, and intended to acquire weapons from sources in Israel.

The operations were made possible by Halad Daud’s Israeli citizenship, who was supposed to use his full access to Israel in order to acquire the materials needed to create explosives, as well as to obtain weapons.

Investigations further revealed that members of the cell had turned to Tzalah Daud, a known Hamas terrorist, who agreed to finance their activities, and even encouraged the cell to recruit new members that he was familiar with.

PA arrest and release, despite evidence

In the coming days an indictment is expected against the cell members.

Before the cell was nabbed, several members were arrested and investigated by the Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces, only to be released home shortly thereafter.

Their release came despite being found with an electronic mechanism that was supposed to be a long-distance detonator for explosives.

It is worth noting that the PA signed a unity deal with Hamas last Wednesday to form a unity government.

Halad Daud was arrested previously last November, and investigated over suspicions of being involved in serious security infringements.

Following the investigation, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon ordered Daud to be placed under an administrative arrest last December for a limited period of time, an arrest that had been authorized through the legal oversight framework.

Not enough evidence had been gathered to put Daud on trial, but classified information warned that it would be dangerous to release him.

With the results of the investigation, further evidence was put together, leading to the situation where Daud’s administrative arrest will be cancelled in the coming days and replaced with a regular arrest and letter of indictment.

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