Muslim Terrorists Admit Targeting Two London Rabbis

February 1, 2012  

Nine Muslim terrorists admitted in a London court Wednesday they planned to assassinate two rabbis, the city’s mayor and attack the stock exchange and American embassy.

They were arrested in December 2010 in a counterterrorist raid before they were able to carry out their plan to stage a multi-pronged attack on the Parliament and on public and religious leaders, including London Mayor Boris Johnson and two rabbis, who were not named in court.

Evidence presented in court included a list of the intended victims that was found in the home of the leader of the terrorist gang. A sketch of what appeared to be a car bomb also was found.

Two terrorists in the Al Qaeda-inspired terrorist gang conducted surveillance and three others planned to leave Britain for further training before returning to stage the planned attacks.

British intelligence officers followed the ring leader, 21-year-old Mohammed Chowdhury, and 29-year-old Shah Rahman as they toured central London sites on their target list. They were spotted observing Westminster Abbey, the parliament, a bridge and a Scientology church.

The terrorists are from Pakistan and Bangladesh and planned to use explosives in an attack that sources told the London Telegraph could be carried out easily while not being easy to intercept.

One of their plans was to set off a bomb at the London Stock Exchange’s toilets and in local pubs.

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