Muslim protester ejected from Trump rally

January 9, 2016  

A Muslim woman wearing a hijab head covering was removed by police from a campaign event for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Friday, after she staged a silent protest.

The 56-year-old flight attendant Rose Hamid stood silently in the stands directly behind Trump, as he said in his speech that Syrian migrants pouring into the US were affiliated with Islamic State (ISIS).

Her shirt read “Salam I come in peace.” As she stood, Trump supporters around her began chanting Trump’s name, and pointed at Hamid and Marty Rosenbluth who stood next to her.

The two were escorted out by police, with those attending the rally booing them and shouting “get out.” Hamid told CNN afterwards that one person shouted at her “you have a bomb, you have a bomb.”

She told the news site, “the ugliness really came out fast and that’s really scary.”

According to Major Steven Thompson of the Rock Hill Police Department, Hamid was ejected because Trump’s campaign had told police beforehand that “anybody who made any kind of disturbance” should be led out.

Trump has courted controversy by calling to ban Muslim immigration to the US until better security checks are implemented.

The UK is currently considering whether or not to ban Trump from visiting, after an online petition calling to do so received over half a million signatures.

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