Murderers Freed, Palestinians Celebrating

October 30, 2013  

The Palestinian Authority (PA) in Judea and Samaria under Mahmoud Abbas is preparing to hold large scale celebrations Tuesday after Israel – under US pressure as part of a purported “peace process” – released 26 terrorists who were involved in horrific murders of Jews.

Celebrations in Gaza, to which five of the terrorists were released, is more subdued, because the deal is perceived as a political victory for Abbas and his Fatah movement. Gaza is ruled by Hamas, Fatah’s rival terror organization.

Peace is not possible as long as there is even one terrorist prisoner still in an Israeli prison, Abbas declared Tuesday night, at a welcoming ceremony for 21 terrorists who had been released to Ramallah.

“All 104 prisoners [that Israel has agreed to release] will be released, but the real joy will only come when all Palestinian prisoners are released. We undertake to continue the efforts to release all prisoners until they return to their homes,” he said.

PA incitement against Israel continues unabated, and Israel’s mainstream media appears more than happy to enable it. Channel 10 television interviewed Fatah’s Jibril Rajoub, who called Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon “a murderer,” for his role in the 1988 elimination of senior PLO terrorist Halil al-Wazir, “Abu Jihad,” in Tunis.

Abu Jihad was responsible for terror acts including the attack on the Savoy Hotel in 1975, which killed 8 civilians and two soldiers, and the Coastal Road Massacre, in which 13 Israeli children and 25 adult civilians were murdered.

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