Multiple Fires Break Out Near Jerusalem

July 2, 2014  

Twenty firefighting teams and six firefighting planes were sent to the moshav of Even Sapir on Wednesday, after another brushfire broke out near the town, which is close to Jerusalem. 

The fire began in a plastics factory on the moshav, according to ZAKA, and all residents near the fire have been evacuated. 

Firefighting teams have noted, as of 4:10 pm Wednesday, that they have not yet contained the fire.

The nearby communities of Ora and Aminadav have also been evacuated, according to Walla! News, as the fire spreads. 

Even Sapir is just 4 kilometers from Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem neighborhood and is within walking distance of Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital. 

Walla! News is now reporting that an additional brushfire has broken out – this time, in the Sansan forest preserve near Tzur Hadassa, close to Beitar Illit. 

As of 4:30 pm, a third fire has broken out – near Lifta, a nature preserve and historical site preserving the remains of a pre-1948 Arab village just ten minutes from Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station. 

Eyewitnesses told Arutz Sheva that five firetrucks were seen racing to the scene. 

These fires mark the third fire in the Jerusalem area and the fifth in Israel over the past week, amid suspicions that the series of blazes are the product of arson “terror” attacks.

Last week, a massive forest fire broke out in the same area, in the Jerusalem forest; residents of three streets in Jerusalem were evacuated from their homes, as well as several public institutions, including Hadassah Ein Kerem and Yad V’Shem. 

More to follow. 

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