Moving: Officer from Uzbekistan returns to Judaism

June 2, 2016  

Journalist Hanoch Daum on Thursday shared an emotional clip on Facebook, showing a visibly moved young Israeli police officer who made Aliyah from Uzbekistan after reconnecting with her Jewish roots completing her conversion process and officially rejoining the Jewish people.

“This is the wonderful Yvgenya Batel Loroviya,” wrote Daum in an explanation accompanying the video.

“She was born in Uzbekistan to a Jewish father. Three years ago, at the age of 19, she decided to make Aliyah after she studied Judaism, deepened in her roots and felt that here is her home. Shortly after she arrived in Israel she enlisted in the police.”

“This video was filmed in the Beit Din (rabbinic court – ed.) yesterday: The moving moment in which Yvgenya accepts upon herself the yoke of the kingdom of heaven. Welcome, sister,” concluded the journalist.

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