Motivation Among Israel’s Military Recruits is High

The vast majority of recruits in the IDF November draft have expressed a desire to become members of combat units, with motivation among recruits near an all-time high. Of those reporting for duty at the IDF Induction Center in Tel Hashomer this past month, 73.3% requested to be included in battlefield fighting units. The number was similar to recent draft groups; in August, 72.3% of recruits made a similar request, and in March 2011, the number was 72.4%.

In addition, 45.3% of recruits asked to become members of infantry units. Among those infantry soldiers will be 90 new immigrants who made aliyah directly to the IDF. In addition, the current draft will include students at Hesder yeshivot, including members of the Shiluvim program, who serve for 24 months.

Overall, the IDF said that 96.1% of all recruits were attached to one of their top three choices for service units.

As the draft got underway, Major General Orna Barbivai, the IDF Head of Personnel, said that “in the current situation the challenges to the IDF are greater than ever, and the need for personnel in the field is greater than ever. The increase in operational needs requires us to strengthen the support system for soldiers. The IDF needs the contribution of all recruits and thus will continue to act with all the resources at its disposal to ensure that recruits will have the opportunity to serve at the best of their capabilities.”

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  1. I love all the beautiful women in the IDF. The US Army has some, but not like the IDF. I would leave my army to work for yours if we end up in a big battle on both sides of the ocean with arabs. Just because I would want to.

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    Jewish descend

    Greetings from the Netherlands,you can be proud to have a army like yours.

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