Moshe Feiglin Leaves Likud, Forms New Party

January 5, 2015  

MK Moshe Feiglin, who heads the Manhigut Yehudit faction within Likud, is leaving to form a new party, he announced Monday night. 

“I’m going to say a few words that might annoy you,” Feiglin said, “but I have no anger at [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu.”

He said that Netanyahu again changed the rules.

“He made a targeted assassination against me – an especially good one,” Feiglin stated. “We’ll see what happens there [in Likud], but I am not angry at Netanyahu.”

“There is no leader in Israel, except the people here, who knows and can turn Israel into a Jewish state – one of real freedom, a state which is not ‘all of its citizens and its Zoabis,” he began, referring to virulent anti-Israel MK Hanin Zoabi (Balad). “There is no leader in Israel, except the people here, who knows and is able to cope with a rock attack in Tiva, with a knife in Jerusalem, with a rocket from Gaza and the Iranian nuclear program.”

“There is no leader in Israel, except the people here, who knows and can lower the prices of housing and food,” he continued. “There is no political leader in Israel, except the people here, who is not willing to be eaten up by the ‘peace factory’ here, subject to Oslo [Accords] consciousness and language, there is no leader who talks about: one country, one nation, one Israel.”

“There is no leader in Israel, except the people here, a democratic leader really, who knows and is able to build a true state based on freedom, personal and political freedom that comes from Judaism instead of in place [of Judaism], of identity, a freedom that comes from understanding that we are all children of our Father our King, slaves to the Creator alone,” he said. 

“I was hoping that Likud could bring those of us who are straightforward to the prime minister’s seat, but little by little I understood that we could not,” he added. “The more the creation of a new life, a new birth is required here, a time of growing her own and hopefully soon – a faith-based leadership, leadership of freedom to the people of Israel.”

Why Likud failed

Feiglin said that when he entered the Knesset, he believed he could accomplish this goal from within the Likud. 

“Israel has begun to be exposed to the idea of an alternative freedom, a Jewish one, from all aspects,” he said, noting that MKs had begun to understand that they could join together to stop Arab MKs from spreading anti-Israel propaganda of within. “But over the past year I began to feel that the system in general and in particular under Likud – was stopping to accommodate me and my vision and move on. I began to feel that I could become [. . .] part of the problem rather than offer an alternative solution. “

Later Feiglin announced his resignation from the Likud, saying that there are “two things we are to do now.”

“We are to leave Likud and form a political movement which aligns itself with Jewish ideals, and hopefully lead,” he said.” I was offered a number of suggestions from a number of directions, to seemingly guarantee my place in the next Knesset. I’m considering all options but will not be giving in to a ‘party atmosphere’ and ratings.”

“We’ll take the time we need, to build ourselves correctly and accurately,” he said, apparently hinting at forming a new party. “We will consult, build the right connections and the right tools.”

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