Morsi Appoints Committee to Investigate Protesters’ Deaths

July 7, 2012  

Egypt’s new president appointed a fact-finding committee to investigate the killing of protesters since the outbreak of last year’s popular uprising that toppled his predecessor, Hosni Mubarak.

According to The Associated Press, the decree issued late Thursday by Mohammed Morsi orders a review of the investigations and trials related to the killing of nearly 1,000 protesters from January 25, 2011, until June 30, 2012, when Morsi was sworn-in as president.

The new 16-member committee is tasked with reopening files from the 18-day uprising that toppled Mubarak and those who died in clashes with police and soldiers in protests after February 11, 2011, when Mubarak stepped down and a ruling council of generals took power.

AP quoted a report in Egypt’s official MENA news agency as having said that judges, a state prosecutor, a general and a top police commander along with six representatives of victims’ families were appointed to the committee. The group is to report its findings to the president within two months.

Morsi, who was detained under Mubarak along with other fellow Muslim Brotherhood members at the start of the uprising, promised during the presidential campaign that if elected, he would order new inquiries into the killing of unarmed protesters.

Last month, Mubarak and his interior minister were sentenced to life in prison for their roles in killing protesters during the 18-day revolt that unseated him. The former president was found guilty for failing to stop the killings.

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