Mofaz: New Yesha Housing Preceded Regulation Law

June 9, 2012  

Minister Shaul Mofaz told Reshet Bet’s “Meet the Press” program that the Knesset rejected Netanyahu’s announcement to build 851 housing units in Judea and Samaria (Yehudah and Shomron)

According to Mofaz, the additional pre-designed building is not intended to compensate “West Bank settlers opposed to the demolition of the Ulpana neighborhood.”

“The Prime Minister informed me after the vote about the additional of construction tenders,” Mofaz said. “The plan was in the works for a long time. It was not tied to the ‘regulatory law,’ and was not compensation or punishment.”

“For Kadima, this vote was was very important to strengthen the rule of law in Israel. The centrist approach will take the government in the right directions,” he said..

Mofaz also said he would “I guess I’ll see Abu-Mazen soon,” Mofaz explained. “In my talks with Prime Minister, the issue of resuming negotiations would be on the agenda of the unity government, there is a historical possibility for peace with this coalition.”

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