MK Zoabi uses Kristallnacht speech to compare Israel to Nazis

November 8, 2015  

MK Haneen Zoabi (Joint List) spoke at an Amsterdam ceremony honoring Kristallnacht this evening. The event is described as an “Alternative Kristallnacht Commemoration,” and is put on by leftist organization, with minimal attention paid to the mass slaughter of Europe’s Jews.

The Arab politician may seem an odd choice, particularly in light of her strong insistence that Prime Minister Netanyahu was wrong to draw a connection between Palestinians and the Holocaust, she made her purpose clear by trying to convince the audience that it Israel is, in fact, similar to the Nazi regime.

“I am honored to speak on behalf of the victims of Kristallnacht, and on behalf of all victims of racism and oppression,” said MK Zoabi. “I have the honor of speaking on behalf of the Jewish opposition and on behalf of all Jews who oppose oppression throughout their lives. Most Israelis today believe that the Jewish Zionist values are more important than democracy. It is easy to notice the gradual moral descent that reminds us of Germany during the 1930’s.”

Zoabi spent most of her speech in an effort to demonize Israelis. “Most Germans were silent then. Today, when they burn churches and they burn Palestinians’ homes, when they burn people alive – most Israelis remain silent.”

Police were present to prevent pro-Israeli protesters from attending the talk. Many Jews, Israelis, and Israel-supporters took the opportunity to attend a more traditional ceremony instead.

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