MK: Strong Opposition better for the public than unity gov’t

May 13, 2016  

Zionist Union MK Amir Peretz strongly opposed the idea of a unity government Friday, saying that it would not serve the needs of the public. 

“I told [Opposition leader Yitzhak] Herzog once again that I oppose joining the Netanyahu government,” Peretz said to Army Radio, noting that in such a case, he would refuse to serve as a minister. 

According to Peretz, a strong Opposition does more for the Israeli public than a broad government. 

“Unfortunately, they have managed to inculcate among the general public that broad governments better serve the public,” he lamented. “I think exactly the opposite: a wide and strong opposition creates an alternative for the public.” 

“What has this government done?” he continued. “It’s absolutely clear that [Prime Minister] Binyamin Netanyahu will not change his career and become a man of peace who is willing to pay the price of peace – not only to make statements on behalf of peace.” 

“I do not believe that Netanyahu will agree to return to the biennial budget, everyone knows he only makes political moves,” he added, predicting that Netanyahu’s policies would ultimately hit the Israeli economy hard. 

“There is no reason to become part of the general government,” he concluded. “Broad government generally underestimate the needs of the public. Because it feels too stable, it becomes more detached, without approaching the public about its true needs.” 

Peretz called on the Zionist Union to approach other minority groups and parties ahead of the next elections, out of the belief that Netanyahu could serve yet another premier term in the next government. 

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