MK Regev: Strong Pro-Bibi List Will Win Elections

December 31, 2014  

Israel needs a strong Likud – and a strong Binyamin Netanyahu leading it, said MK Miri Regev.

Speaking Wednesday, after she cast her vote in the Likud primaries taking place throughout the day, Regev said that party members had the opportunity to fashion a winning ticket that would appeal to a wide range of Israelis – yet stick to traditional Likud values and views.

“I call on the public to come out and vote, to vote and to influence,” said Regev. “I trust Likud members to build a winning list that will unite around Prime Minister Netanyahu and lead the Likud to victory in the upcoming elections.”

A poll Tuesday, said Regev, “shows that I am the most popular woman in Israeli politics, and people are therefore warning me that the some activists who don’t like that are out to ‘get’ me. I trust the public to vote for me based on my previous activities for the Israeli nation, the Land of Israel, and the Torah pf Israel. Give me the power to continue serving you,” she told listeners.

A total of 96,651 Likud members are voting at 600 voting ballot boxes located at 115 sites around the country Wednesday.

As of 5:00 PM, some 30% of Likud members had cast their vote, party officials said, adding that the rate of vote followed expected patterns. The vast majority of votes are cast in the evening, after work hours, the officials said.

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