MK Oren Hazan May Be Prosecuted for Assault

September 1, 2015  

The Israel Police announced on Tuesday that it had completed an investigation against MK Oren Hazan (Likud) for allegations of physically assaulting a public servant and misconduct in a public place. 

According to police, “there is an evidentiary foundation that such offensives were carried out by MK Oren Hazan” and they urged the prosecution to indict the MK. 

The investigation began following a complaint that in October 2014, Hazan attacked the CEO of the municipal offices in Ariel, during an argument over an unpaid debt to the municipality. 

The incident in question took place several months before Hazan was elected to the Knesset in March elections. 

Police from the Judea-Samaria District led the investigation after the complaint was first filed. When Hazan became an Knesset member, the State Attorney’s Office and the Department of Investigation and Intelligence transferred the case to the Lahav 433 national crime unit. 

Various people involved in the incident provided testimony and MK Hazan, himself, was questioned as a suspect by police. 

The investigation will be transferred in the coming days to the State Prosecutor’s Office, which will make the final decision about whether to prosecute Hazan on assault charges. 

Hazan has faced several scandals in his short tenure as MK, with Channel 2 reporting in June he provided prostitutes and crystal meth to Israel tourists at a casino he managed in Bulgaria, followed by accusations of sexual assault reported by Channel 10. 

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