MK Herzog: Iranian Terror a Major Strategic Challenge

August 8, 2012  

Terror attacks sponsored by Iran are a major strategic challenge for Israel and other Western countries, MK Yitzchak Herzog (Labor) said on Tuesday.

Herzog made the comments during a meeting with Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr. The meeting was held at Carr’s request.

The two discussed a variety of issues. Herzog spoke about Sunday’s terror attack on the Israel-Egypt border and said it was related to Iran’s efforts to create terror fronts across the region. He called for a united worldwide front to combat terrorism.

“The terrorism led by Iran, along with the increased efforts of Global Jihad within Israel, constitute a major strategic challenge for Israel and enlightened countries in the world,” said Herzog.

“This challenge requires joint investment of resources, means and power to create a unified front to combat terrorism worldwide. In this respect Israel, Egypt, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan have a common interest, and it is important to give this interest international support in both word and deed,” he added.

Herzog and Carr also discussed the situation in Syria, and Herzog suggested that Carr promote a Western think tank about the day after the Assad regime. He also suggested that a military and political cooperation between a broad coalition that includes Turkey, NATO, the Arab League countries and Western countries be considered. Such a coalition would ensure peace and stability in the transfer to a new regime after the fall of the Assad regime.

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