MK Gafni on Mivkeh Law: No compromise

June 13, 2016  

Finance Committee chairman MK Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism) denied Monday morning reports of a compromise on the issue of Mikvaot (ritual baths) in an interview with Kol Barama radio.

MK Gafni stressed that he wanted the “Mikvah Law” to be approved Monday by the law committee. “I hope the committee will vote on my proposed law today. I told the Prime Minister that if he does not vote in favor of the law, then we will not commit to voting for the coalition.”

“If the vote is rejected, there will be consequences,” warned Gafni clarifying that, “There is no compromise. I object to the possibility of the Jewish Agency building Mikvaot for the Reform movement.”

Gafni was referring to earlier reports stating that a compromise has been reached and that Conservative and Reform movement converts would be permitted to immerse in Mikvaot designated especially for them.

Gafni further denied the implementation of the Law to be postponed for nine months in order to allow construction of two to four new Mikvaot by the Jewish Agency.

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