MK Denies There Are Factional ‘Camps’ Within Likud

June 3, 2015  

As the ruling Likud party reportedly is seeing attempts from senior sources in the party to limit Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s power, MK David Amsalem (Likud) said Wednesdsay that there is no factionalism within his party.

Amsalem, who was appointed as chairperson of the Knesset’s Interior Committee this week, denied reports that he had wanted to be appointed deputy minister and was turned down.

“I asked to only be a member of one committee,” Amsalem said in a Knesset Channel interview.

He denied that there are “camps” within Likud, saying “that’s a bluff. I’m not a member of some sort of faction of (Likud minister) Yisrael Katz. I’m a member of Likud. There are those who are trying cause conflict between people.”

As part of the moves to limit Netanyahu’s power there has been a push to change Likud’s primaries system; Amsalem explained that he is against the primaries system, even though he was elected through it.

“The primaries system is the most corrupted there is,” he said. “Every candidate raises half a million shekels. Where is the money from?”

“Why should someone give me 10,000 shekels times forty? I succeeded in gathering from my friends and family 70,000 shekels in total. Within Likud there are huge pressure groups,” he revealed.

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