MK Ayelet Shaked: Jewish Home Has Made History

January 15, 2015  

As the counting of Jewish Home primary votes winds to a close Thursday, the winners have begun to express their gratitude and joy over the results. 

MK Ayelet Shaked who received the highest number of primary votes – and will be placed third on the party’s list behind Chairman Naftali Bennett and Tekuma head Uri Ariel – was extremely happy. 

“I started the day with great news,” she said. “In the past month we worked very hard to receive first place and it happened. I am so happy to be the first woman elected to first place in the Jewish Home.” 

“We’ve made history,” Shaked triumphantly noted. 

“We have a diverse team,” Shaked continued, “Zionist, professional, and ethical. I can’t wait to work with them in the next Knesset. Together we will serve the State of Israel and the people of Israel.” 

“Thank you to all my supporters for the huge vote of confidence. It really shows me the public’s appreciation for my work of the last two years,” she added. 

Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs, Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan, who came in second and will be placed fourth on the list, also welcomed the results. 

“I thank the voters who expressed their confidence in me and my actions. Jewish Home has proven itself to be the party of the people of Israel: religious and secular, men and women, from all ethnic groups, and all walks of life.” 

“I gave up my secured spot, and I am pleased that the electorate appreciated my actions and believed in me. With G-d’s help we will continue to bring the people of Israel closer to one another – we are all brothers,” Ben-Dahan concluded. 

MK Moti Yogev, who came in fifth and will be placed in the number ten spot on the party’s Knesset list, also thanked his supporters for voting for him. 

“One word – thanks. In two words – thank you. First of all to G-d, then my family, and all the campaigners who struggled and worked, as well as all those who had faith in me, and even to those who did not – I will try to be a faithful messenger for everyone.”

“Together will all the Jewish Home candidates elected to the party list and with all the candidates from the National Union, we will form a large and united Jewish Home, who will work with all its strength for the people, society, Torah, the country, and the State of Israel.”

According to all recent polls, Jewish Home is set to become the third largest party in Israel, behind Likud and Labor. 

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