Missile Explodes Close to School; No Injuries

March 15, 2012  

Two Grad rockets were fired at Israel by Gaza Arab terrorists Thursday morning. One rocket, fired at Be’ersheva, was intercepted by the Iron Dome system, while a second fell in the area of Ofakim, just several hundred meters from a school where classes were taking place Thursday morning.

As news of the attack spread, parents quickly came to pick up their children, and classes were cancelled for the rest of the day. Many parents said that the fact that their children were not injured in the attack was “a miracle.”

Meanwhile, members of the Gar’in Torani community in Ashdod have decided to organize a mass protest in the city Thursday afternoon, to demand that authorities put an end to the ongoing terror attacks from Gaza. Residents of the city will protest beginning at 4 PM at main intersections at the entrance of the city to express their frustration with the attacks, which have disrupted normal life to a great extent.

Ya’akov Biton, director of the Ashdod Gar’in Torani, said that “as residents, we felt a need to express our feelings about the situation in the south in general and in the Gaza border area in particular. We cannot allow a situation where residents of the border area continue to absorb attacks, even after a cease fire, because each missile is meant to kill. We cannot accept the current situation.”

“This is our opportunity to express our support for residents of the Gaza border area, who have been on the front lines for years. We hope that the government and the decision makers will do everything possible to put a complete end to the rocket attacks on Israel,” Biton said.

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