Miracle: Shot twice in the head, victim recounts Tel Aviv attack

June 13, 2016  

Among the victims seriously wounded in last week’s terrorist shooting attack at Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market, Assaf Bar considers himself particularly fortunate to be alive.

Shot twice in the head and left for dead by the Islamist attackers, one of the bullets still remains lodged in his skull.

But miraculously, Assaf has made a rapid recovery since being hospitalized in critical condition, and is now fully conscious and communicating.

Speaking to journalists from his bed at Ichilov Hospital, Bar recounted the terrifying moments two besuited Hamas terrorists gunned down innocent restaurant-goers, and expressed his thanks to God for surviving the ordeal.

“The fact that I am alive now, is not to be taken for granted,” he said. “All the credit goes to the medical team at the hospital and on the field, in whose merit I am here.”

“I went out with my girlfriend to the Sharona complex to eat dinner,” Bar recounted. “I remember the two terrorists came in and sat at the table next to us, right near us.

“After that I remember they began firing – which happened, ironically, right as we began to leave the restaurant.”

“I remember less about the events which occurred after I took two bullets,” he added. “I received the shots very quickly in the head, and I fell flat towards the table.”

But despite being shot at point-blank range, he is now in good spirits.

“Thank God, I feel better… there’s still some headaches, some hearing problems, but I hope to persevere.

“Every day I feel stronger. I’m really looking forward to leaving here; I’ll be happy to return to Haifa, to my studies, work, friends, girlfriend.”

Bar also expressed his sadness over the four people murdered in the attack.

“For me, as part of the nation of Israel, I’m fed up of losing people dear to me every month. My heart is with the families of those murdered. May you know no more sorrow.”

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