Military Seizure Order Extended on Yitzhar Yeshiva

November 29, 2014  

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has extended the military seizure order on Yitzhar’s Od Yosef Hai yeshiva Saturday night – this time for another six months. 

Chief of Central Command, Nitzan Alon, signed the order last Thursday, Yitzhar representatives told Arutz Sheva, which will remain in effect until the end of May. 

The yeshiva was initially seized by Border Policemen in April, following clashes between an extreme element in the community and security forces. The cyclical clashes began after a house was destroyed by the IDF, sparking tire-slashings of two IDF cars. In response, four local homes were demolished, triggering clashes with local youths and the destruction of an IDF outpost.

In the interim, yeshiva activities have been moved to a different complex, and students may only enter the original building at certain times and for very short periods. 

A spokesman for Yitzhar protested the extension, which follows months of what residents say is discrimination specifically targeted at their community.

“There is no limit to the hypocrisy and double standard in the extension [of military seizure of] the yeshiva,” the spokesman stated. “While [Ya’alon] applies the concept of ‘leniency’ to the Arab terrorists, he cracks down on ‘settlers.'”

“Enough is enough,” the spokesman continued. “Where are human rights organizations when it comes to settlers? Where is the legal system, which is investigating line-by-line legislature regarding destroying terrorists’ homes?” 

Representatives from Od Yosef Hai told Arutz Sheva that they feel robbed of their rights. 

“It’s amazing how the Defense Minister’s violence against Jews and Israel grows as his constant failures in his real job – protecting the lives of Jews in the Holy Land – grows,” a representative stated.

“Od Yosef Hai yeshiva continues to thrive for now in temporary headquarters adjacent to the building stolen from it, and we will continue to learn the words of the Torah loudly, without fear of persecution,” he added.  

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