Migron Residents, Government Sign Compromise Agreement

March 11, 2012  

Residents of the community of Migron in Binyamin signed on Sunday the agreement that was reached with the government, according to which residents will be uprooted from their homes at the current site and will be moved to a permanent neighborhood nearby.

The government had already reached a deal with the residents but it was struck down by the State Attorney’s Office, prompting anger among the pioneers. On March 1 it was reported that an agreement had once again been reached.

The agreement calls for the community to be relocated to its permanent location, near the Psagot Winery, in two years’ time. The present site will be handed over to the Civil Administration. The existing structures at the site will be torn down but a “public site” may be established at the location instead of a residential community.

In any case, the location of the present Migron will remain Jewish and will not be handed over to Arab control.

In the written agreement signed Sunday, the residents expressed their agreement to move to the new permanent site while refraining from further construction at the current site. The compromise was brokered by Minister-without-Portfolio Benny Begin.

Earlier on Sunday, the community said that “after several weeks of intense, protracted talks, an agreement has been reached between the Israeli government and the residents of Migron, which will resolve the issue peacefully.”

The residents noted that they agreed to the agreement “with a heavy heart” but added that they have a national responsibility to fulfill a ruling of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court had ordered that the 11-year-old community of more than 40 families must be demolished by the end of March, after it ruled their homes were not built on state land, despite the failure of Peace Now and Arabs to prove who owned the land. The area had not been zoned, but the state had shown acquiescence by helping the residents with infrastructure.

The residents of Migron said on Sunday that that the community “expresses faith in the Israeli government and its representative, Minister Begin, that the solution presented is what would prevent a civil war and therefore the Israeli government chose to present the current solution before the Court.”

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