Meretz condemns liberation of Jerusalem, blasts Jerusalem Day

June 6, 2016  

The Meretz party, whose formal registered name is “Meretz – the Israeli Left,” has pushed its rhetoric even further to the left, openly condemning the liberation of Jerusalem as “occupation,” and blasting Jerusalem Day celebrations commemorating the reunification of the city.

As Israelis celebrated Jerusalem Day on Sunday, marking 49 years since the liberation of eastern Jerusalem from Jordanian occupation, Meretz condemned the holiday, publicizing on its official Facebook page an image decrying “49 years of occupation,” and calling for an end to Israeli sovereignty over the united city.

“Let us not merit another year,” reads the meme, with various words relating to security concerns in the background like “killing video,” “separation fence,” “Shin Bet (security services),” “security prisoners,” and “Kalandia,” referring to the Kalandia crossing between Jerusalem and Ramallah, the scene of frequent riots and terror attacks.

Just hours later the party released an additional message, wishing Muslims in Israel and around the world a happy Ramadan.

This year the beginning of Ramadan coincided with Jerusalem Day, leading the left-wing NGO Ir Amim to press the Supreme Court to bar the annual Jerusalem Day march from parts of the Old City of Jerusalem. The court rejected the appeal, but did require that the event be held earlier, to accommodate Muslim worshippers ahead of Ramadan and reduce the chances of clashes.

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