Media Miracle? Florida TV Pro-Israel Documentary

November 27, 2011  

A South Florida public broadcasting system this week will feature a documentary on Israel – and it is actually positive.

“Israel Inside.” to be shown on WPBT2 Tuesday evening, features the country as seen by an Israeli, Dr. Tal Ben Shahar, who returns home to find a far different country than the one he left and discovers how it happened.

By sidestepping the usual conversation of politics, conflict and violence, this film shows Israel to be a dynamic, inventive and humanitarian society.

Tal helps viewers discover that the deep-seated Jewish values such as freedom, education, family and responsibility, mixed in with a good dash of chutzpah, contribute to Israel’s accomplishments in both the economic and humanitarian spheres.

The core values that define Israel have fueled the tiny, resource-challenged Jewish state drive to become an invaluable asset to the world, he says in the documentary.

The film includes interviews with Professor Alan Dershowitz, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, and many others, each with their own perspective on Israel and its people and why Israel, steeped in the ancient world, is at the forefront of global technology.

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