Mahane Yehuda stabber to complain against officer

November 26, 2015  

A 16-year-old female Arab terrorist, who along with a 14-year-old terror compatriot tried to murder civilians with scissors on Monday adjacent to Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem, intends to file a complaint against the officer who shot her.

News of the intended complaint was received by Channel 10 on Thursday, and comes despite the fact that the two female terrorists were caught on camera stabbing civilians, and were likewise filmed stalking victims at the busy site before launching their attack.

Ironically the two stabbed and lightly wounded a 70-year-old Arab man from Bethlehem, Judea, mistaking him for a Jew, before rounding on a second victim.

The officer then shot the 16-year-old, then shot the 14-year-old terrorist dead, and returned to shoot the 16-year-old a second time to ensure she was neutralized. The older terrorist was seriously wounded, and in the process a man who tried to apprehend the terrorist by hitting her with a chair was accidentally lightly wounded in the hand by the gunfire.

“She asked me to come with her to Yafo Street,” the 16-year-old terrorist said of her younger comrade.

“I didn’t intend to hurt anyone, suddenly she pulled out scissors and scratched someone who was there,” she claimed of the stab wounds inflicted to the head and back of their mistaken victim. “I didn’t understand what she was doing.”

“People started to shout ‘terrorist’ and I was afraid they would attack me, so I took out scissors in order to defend myself,” she said, failing to explain why she had scissors at the ready. “Suddenly they shot me and I was hit by someone with a chair, and I lost consciousness.”

Her claims come despite the fact that she was caught on camera menacingly holding her scissors aloft, and in the footage before the attack she and her comrade are repeatedly seen reaching in their pockets, tensed to draw their blades and attack.

The fact that she walked around with the younger terrorist for numerous long minutes searching for a target before the attack would seem to provide further rebuttal to her claims of innocence.

Following the attack, the police announced that the officer acted appropriately, although the complaint will now see the Police Investigation Unit put the officer under further scrutiny for his actions in defending innocent civilians.

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